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Friday, March 5, 2010

Treasure Hunting

I've been doing some treasure hunting lately, and have come home with some great finds! Here are a few of the recent spoils of the hunt.

Vintage millinery flowers, lace collars, Florentine frame, and pink poodle comb!

Two old card boxes. I think I'll make a set of pretty cards to tuck in each and give as gifts.

Little bits and bobs from the antique mall. I paid a little more than I would have normally for all of these, but I just love the dealer and she gave me a fabulous price on several of the other items that I purchased, so I didn't mind at all. I can see the little mouse pin on a Christmas card or tag, and that little fan with rabbits will be perfect in an altered Alice book I want to make (someday).

This little blue glass perfume bottle is a perfectly pretty shade of turquoise. It matches with nothing in my house, but the color makes me happy. This one will probably end up in the etsy shop, as soon as I can part with it!

I bought this little blue vase and the vintage lily of the valley millinery trim at an estate sale. The flowers on the vase match the little buds so perfectly. The millinery is in such perfect shape, I couldn't bring myself to take it apart. (The little bunnies were my grandmother's - one of the few things I got of hers after the "others" cleared out her house.)

And finally, this little girl's dress is the softest, prettiest shade of pale green. Can you see the little ruffles around the top and bottom? I picked this one up for a song and plan to add some Zunky Chic touches to it to make it my own.

~*~Sign-up is still open for my Vintage Spring Collage Swap. Check out this post for the details.~*~


Blogger Julie Boeck said...

Oh Wow! What beautiful treasures Erica!!

March 5, 2010 at 8:16 AM  

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