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Friday, December 21, 2012

Pink Christmas

It is no secret that I love pink. My craft room is the perfect shade of ballet pink, so I wanted some decor to match for Christmas.

I put one of those no-mess stick-on hooks on my craft room door and just threw up a few things I had on hand - ruffled crepe paper, lace trim, a glittered sign, and vintage bells look so "put together."

While I was at it, I wanted to try making some paper houses. Here is the only one I finished, but I'm planning on more. Let me show you how I made it.

First, I drew the front panel on a piece of printer paper, cut it out twice and then measured and cut out two rectangles for the sides. Then I taped the pieces together to form a pattern. I added a tab on one end to use to glue the house together. I also cut out a long rectangle that will be the roof. It is slightly wider than the side rectangles and a little wider than the front/back piece so it will have a nice overhang.

I traced my paper pattern onto a recycled cereal box and cut it out. Once cut out, I scored all the fold lines (the tape "joints" of my paper pattern). I also cut the roof piece and scored it, and cut out a 4" square base.

I applied gesso to all of the pieces, and then a couple of coats of craft paint - white for the roof and base and pink (or turquoise) for the house. Then I added a layer of white pearl paint to all the pieces.

Before gluing everything together, I used my craft knife to cut out three small windows. I used small pieces of wood for shutters and added a piece of lace behind each window for curtains. I made a paper door from a scrap of lined paper - perfect for replicating wood slats.

I glued the house together using the tab to join the two ends together. Then I glued the house to the base and glued on the roof.

Then the fun of decorating began! I added Delta's Decorative Snow here and there on the roof and base to create piles of snow. Then I added my decorations on the base - a painted deer (brown would not have matched), a bleached tree, and pink and white roses.

I applied glue to the entire roof and base, and here and there on the walls of the house and sprinkled clear glitter over everything.

After shaking off the excess and allowing to dry, I applied more glue here and there and added mica flakes for even more sparkle.

Since I didn't get the turquoise house finished in time for Christmas, I'm thinking an Easter house would be perfect!

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Blogger Rhonda Merry said...

What a sweet little house. I love the shape and all the snowy glitter. Lovely.

December 21, 2012 at 9:46 AM  
Blogger dianapena8 said...

The door decoration is Gorgeous, love how you put it together, amazing how simple it was to make because it does not like it.
Your pink house is so stunning, so many pretty details and I really like the colors you used =Di

December 27, 2012 at 10:22 AM  

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