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Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Treasures

When I complained the other day that I hadn't been able to venture out to hunt for treasures, I must have felt sorry for myself. I gased up the car and headed south to Waxahachie to see what I could find. I was quite happy with what I brought home.

I found everything in this first photo in the very last booth of one of my favorite antique shops. Just goes to show that you never know what you'll find so keep looking. I'm participating in Michele's Christmas in July swap, so the vintage book will be used for that. I found some old quilt squares, glass buttons, folding ruler, and a vintage Vera napkin to add to my collection.

But my heart skipped a few beats when I uncovered this treasure trove of photos in another antique mall - again in the very last booth I visited. I saw a few loose photos in a pile and checked the price - 50 cents each! What a bargain. As I was scooping them up, I noticed what looked like a red celluloid album. I turned it over and guess what - it was a red celluloid album! Now, are you ready for the price? It might give you a heart attack. Get ready for it...

$5!!! And it was full of photos. How these treasures sat in this booth until I arrived is beyond me. I was giddy with excitement. I grabbed the album and the photos and skipped up to the counter to pay before someone realized that they had made a mistake and the album is really $50. What a great early birthday present to me! The album even included an old funeral card. I was just reading about these as I'm doing a ton of genealogical research on our families.

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