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Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Finds

I made a couple quick trips in search of some supplies this weekend. Here is one trip's bounty from an antique mall. Most of the items in this mall were over-priced, but I found one gem of a booth where I scored most of these items. Vintage dress patterns, buttons, fabric and a 1963 cooking/how-to manual for women - "Woman Talk."

My favorite part is advice on how to convince your husband that you can't afford to spend money on a new car with a little reverse psychology. "You are much smarter than I am about important things like the purchasing of a car. I guess the final word would really be yours. Men know all about those things, you know." Can you believe that this is actually "advice" for women?

I also took my friend Stormy to The Red Shed Antiques sale on Saturday morning. I walked away with a few treasures, including this little altered art "tag" that I'll put up in my new craft room.

I have some more really great finds that I'll share this week. The craft room is coming along nicely. Now I need to try and organize 400 pounds of stuff into a 100-pound space. Here's a tiny preview of what I've been working on to get it ready.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy Erica! You did find some nice stuff this weekend! The advice for women was hysterical. My, how times have changed! :) Good luck getting 400lbs. of stuff into the 100 lb space! LOL.


September 1, 2009 at 12:24 PM  

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